10 More GIFs of Ultra Ravers Shaking It

4. Burqueños
Dancing to: Benny Benassi
This crew hails from the city of the Breaking Bad, and they party harder than a fresh batch of Heisenberg. One time for the Lobos landed up in the MIA.

3. EDM Fitness
Dancing to: Magda
With only ten reps of "soul house," five sets of "trance lifts," and 30 intense minutes of "air keys" a day, you too can achieve the ideal party body.

2. Hoop There It Is
Dancing to: Bingo Players
Ring dancing goes back thousands of years. But Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud" Melin, inventors of the modern plastic hula hoop: Holey fuckin' thank you.

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Firkin & Phoenix is barely Montrose and barely a bar.


And maybe.. JUST maybe.. one day these kids will discover that there is insane amounts of good dance music being made today. Mostly overseas, but in America too!

It's truly staggering that right now's "underground" sounds so mainstream. Hopefully they'll all trade their Bud Light for LSD and start listening to Bok Bok or Scuba or Hudson Mohawke or something.


Fartbarf is amazing live, who cares about the name?   Just ask Led Zepplin

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