The 10 Dumbest Things Overheard at SXSW This Year

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SXSW swag 0316 3.jpg
We have no idea what's going on here, but it looks cool.
"I would like to think I sexed it up a little."
Said a man with a platinum badge, in reference to his ID photo on said badge. He vanished before I could confirm.

"If Lil Wayne dies, I think I will die, too."
Agreed, a bit of us all will die if Weezy dies. But we have an obligation to carry on, and maybe one day die on Mars.

"Spare change, mister, anything will help."
Spoken by a guy in fresh Converse, a Ramones tee and an expensive-looking flannel. Keep Austin weird indeed.

"I premiered a new music app last week..."
Guhhhhhhhh, of course you did. We all did. Mine just came out, too. Call me when you cure cancer.

"At Sout By Sout Wess, all your dreams can come true, yo."
If by dreams you mean scuffed sneakers, hatred for your fellow man and a mad case of chafing, then, yes, SXSW is the Dream Factory.



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Ok, Houston Press, you have now officially worn out the top 10 list thing.  Mkay?


I thought the little guy from kid rock was dead


I used line 10 once. And I did vomit on the car. I'm no liar!


@dermgerm That was my car, I do believe. Does it count when it's your sister's car?

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