Houston's Top 10 Band Names

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4. Loch Ness Radio
One day singer Kevin Hogan had a vision of vintage radios floating to the top of the murky waters of Loch Ness, and felt that it was a symbol for his bandmates and him all coming together from different backgrounds to form a cohesive whole. On that day, the wind cried, "Nessie."

3. Black Leather Jesus Richard Ramirez is a titan of Houston noise music, capable of eradicating the very souls of every sound wave he gutter-balls into an audience's ear canal.

Here, he was inspired to name his act Black Leather Jesus after reading about the bizarre kidnapping and sexual enslavement of Colleen Stan. Truly it's one of the most horrifying things you'll ever read, and Ramirez wears it like kicky beret. That should sum up his music nicely for you.

2. Skeleton Dick
Skeleton Dick is Houston's top non-Hates punk band, and you can't deny that they've got a catchy name. It's the perfect punk combination of offensive and ridiculous. The interview I conducted with them about it remains the single most ridiculous thing that I have ever done in the course of this job, and I cashed a checked for talking about video-game farts.

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I always thought "Born Again Virgins" had a great band name

Steve Gilbert
Steve Gilbert

What? No Pontius Pilate and the Nail Drivin' Five? Blasphemy! :D

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