Yoko Ono Turns 80, Still Weird as Hell

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Fly film (and soundtrack!)
Filmed in a New York attic over a period of two days, Yoko and John filmed actress Virginia Lust lying naked while a fly explored her body. The couple used around 200 flies, all stunned with gas, to create the 19-minute film set to Yoko's song, Fly. Rumor has it that Virginia Lust also had to be sedated.

Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins
Released by John and Yoko in 1968, this album was a result of musical experimentation during an all-nighter. It's full of Yoko's ad-lib vocals, conversation with Lennon, and weird sound effects. Much to the dismay of most Beatles fans, the two knocked boots after the recording and went on to collaborate on even stranger art.

Cut Piece
The 1964 original featured Ono sitting onstage, draped in a long gown and daring the audience to cut away pieces until she was naked. She repeated the performance in 1965 at Carnegie Hall, and in 2003 for the final time in Paris. Interestingly enough, she appears more at ease in the more recent piece than in the original.

Yoko Ono Fashions for Men 1969-2012
Inspired by the sketches Yoko drew for John as a gift for their 1969 wedding, the men's clothing line is intended to sexually objectify men. The line, which features neon-colored mesh shirts, LED lights across nipples, hands across crotches, and (very unflattering) ass-baring slacks also has the balls to sell this junk at prices in the mid-hundreds. You can find through the U.S. brand "Open Ceremony" if you're interested in obliterating any sex appeal you may have had.

I dig Yoko's style. At 80, my grandma couldn't work the tape player in her car, let alone design man bras and dropping dance hits.

I think I'll take a page out of Yoko's book of retirement and spend my days drinking dry martinis by the pool, tanning my varicose veins, and catcalling all the young bucks. Art at its finest.

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I remember her little known hit with hubby John Lennon " Give Peas a Chance". Used to sing it to you when you were VERY little. Always got you to eat your veggies ;)

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