Friends in High Places: 5 Weird Actor/Musician Friendships

Tyson 0227.jpg
FOB (friend of Bieber) Mike Tyson
You or I may not be a fan of Justin Bieber, but you know who is? Mike Tyson, that's who. As Iron Mike explained a little while ago, he thinks Bieber is "pretty awesome." Apparently the ex-heavyweight champ got turned into a Belieber through his wife, who hooks Tyson up with most of his music.

This is certainly not the weirdest thing Mike Tyson has ever said or done, but it definitely lends itself to the sort of comedic teddy-bear image he's been cultivating recently. He even offered some mentorly advice to the young Bieber, much like he offers his fans regularly on his Twitter feed.

While it would be strange if the two celebrities actually started hanging out in public together, maybe even collaborating (we know Mike can sing from his stellar appearance in The Hangover 2), it's not the unlikeliest pairing of celebrities from two different worlds we've ever seen. Such as these bizarre actor/musician combos.

5. The Mars Volta, Juliette Lewis, Orlando Bloom and Mark Ruffalo
Sympathy for Delicious, Avengers star Mark Ruffalo's indie directing debut starring Juliette Lewis and Orlando Bloom, is a weird film to begin with, and then -- thanks to Lewis's friendship with the recently departed psych-rockers -- The Mars Volta did the soundtrack work for it.

Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez had previously produced an album for Lewis, who sometimes sings herself, and for the soundtrack to Ruffalo's film, the band performed with Bloom on vocals. It's certainly strange, but unfortunately not very good.

MJ Eddie Bro Moment.jpg
Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy having a bro moment.
4. Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy
Two things younger readers might not realize: Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy were pretty well-known buddies, and at one point Murphy decided to try his hand at being a singer. Maybe they bonded over their mutual kinky legal troubles. Wait, do kids today even remember those incidents?

Anyway, strangely enough, Murphy's music isn't completely awful. He's not an obnoxious singer, and "What's Up With You?," with MJ guesting, is a lightweight but fun early-'90s R&B track.

3. Snoop Dogg/Lion and David Beckham
David Beckham has his own ties to the music world through his Spice Girl wife Victoria. While we could see the Girls chilling with Snoop and his crew, though, it's hard to imagine Becks and Snoop throwing down together.

Nevertheless, not only are they friends, but they made the above holiday cartoon together last year, adapting the classic Christmas Carol format. Who knew visions of tennis and soccer filled Snoop's dreams?

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