Exploring Songza: Four Offbeat Playlists From the Curated Music Service

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The Unofficial Brotherhood of Metallica
The usual suspects are all here, from less commercially successful -- and arguably superior -- contemporaries like Slayer and Exodus to Metallica cast-off Dave Musataine's Megadeth. The rest of the list is far more interesting, however.

Pulling from the band's influences, friendships and offbeat interests, the remainder of the playlist sounds an awful lot like 13-year-old me trying to convince my more alternatively-inclined friends that Metallica is actually really cool.

The Misfits, frequent source of Metallica cover material and favorite band of late bass player Cliff Burton, contribute. Faith No More -- Tour mates on the fabled 1992 Guns N Roses tour -- is here, but the reason is far deeper than touring. Guitarist Jim Martin and Drummer Mike Bordin played together with Burton in their first high-school band. Bordin also happened to play with current Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo in Ozzy Osbourne's band.

Also included are a ton of criminally overlooked bands -- some who owe at least some of their limited exposure to Metallica name-checks -- sourced all over the hard-music map, from Nick Cave to Mercyful Fate and Killing Joke.

Standout Tracks

  • Killing Joke, "Requiem"
  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, "Loverman"
  • Discharge, "Free Speech for the Dumb"

David Byrne's Record Collection: Culled from an ongoing set of playlists published by Byrne himself, this playlist is 2250 songs long and has everything from Missy Elliot to The Ramones.

Sun Records Road Trip: Borrowing the archives of the legendary Memphis studio, this list mixes soul, blues and rockabilly in a way only Sun could.



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