Exploring Songza: Four Offbeat Playlists From the Curated Music Service

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We introduced you to Songza -- the service that acts as a "music concierge" -- a few weeks back. Using curated playlists sorted not only by genre and theme, but also by activity, Songza helps you pick the best songs for the occasion.

More importantly to me, the playlists are expertly curated, meaning that even though users may submit playlists, the editorial oversight ensures that when I select 1990s College Radio, I don't get Nickelback and Green Day.

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Because the playlists have such quality curation, many of the lists are teeming with forgotten gems, and delve deep into musical history, turning out associations and fusing genres and artists that the average listener may never have even considered. Using the "Browse" tab, listeners are free to go beyond Songza's concierge service and peruse the thousands of playlists available.

Here we have collected four of our favorite offbeat lists containing some fantastic music you may have forgotten about, and some you will be glad you found for the first time.

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Songs of Childlike Wonder
This playlist is a winner whether you are raising the next musical wunderkind or not. While all the songs are kid-friendly, adults will find themselves listening even when the younguns aren't around.

Unsurprisingly, the playlist finds classic kids' tunes like "Miss Mary Mack" and "Froggy Went a Courtin'" that you probably haven't thought about since first-grade music class. The surprise is what this playlist digs up -- myriad songs and records that have been lost to the vinyl archives.

Here you'll find Louis Prima -- and not just his Jungle Book song, either -- as well as Johnny Cash children's album alongside one of the very first records my parents ever played for me, Peter, Paul and Mommy.

When your kids get bored of your trying to tell them of the greatness of Peter Gabriel and Bob Marley -- both included here -- there are songs pulled straight from their favorite Disney movies, like Wall-E and Toy Story and songs you will be happy to share, like tracks from They Might be Giants classic Here Comes Science.

Standout Tracks

  • Sarah Machlachan, "When She Loved Me"
  • Paul Simon, "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard"
  • They Might Be Giants, "Meet the Elements"



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