Roosh Williams: "I'm All About Flow and Lyrics"

Production-wise, the album is pieced together intricately.

"It's very big," he says. "It has a universal sound."

Williams has been rapping "professionally" for three years, he says with a chuckle, but he started writing and "trying to rap" since sixth grade. His aforementioned Attack of the Drobots LP was released in between his sophomore and junior years at the University of Texas at Austin, and Common Struggles of a Modern Man was released two and a half weeks before graduation.

He has just released a track with Bubba Sparxxx called "Fraudulent." All his works of music reveal a rapper with an SAT-caliber flow; he mixes together hood, comedy and intellect with ease -- kind of like a young Rakim.

Deja Roo is slated to hit stores February 27. Check back Friday for the story on H.I.S.D. Roosh Williams, H.I.S.D. and Rakim perform after the championship round of the Space City Beat Battle Saturday night at Fitzgerald's. See here for tickets.

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You and 10,000 other white wanna-be rappers.... or are you an MC?  There's a huge difference, first off.... and second off, again..... how much longer must I endure more new rappers who know how to make beats and rap.  IT'S NOT THAT FUCKING HARD.  And its the reason why it was so vital when it first came out.... because broke ass ni@@s were doin it.... it was real.  Now its fucking:  who can be teh coolest beat maker, make ppl dance, and rap some "conscious" lyrics.  fuck off

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