Roosh Williams: "I'm All About Flow and Lyrics"

Photo courtesy of Roosh Williams
If you were a local up-and-coming rapper and you got the call that you will be performing with hip-hop legend Rakim this Saturday in front of an All-Star Weekend audience, you'd be pretty excited.

For rapper Roosh Williams, that's an understatement.

"I was fuckin' ecstatic," the 23-year-old rapper says over the phone, describing his initial reaction upon finding out he'd be billed alongside one of rap's founding fathers this weekend.


Roosh Williams Preps Houston Rap Full-Court Press On Deja Roo

Williams will be opening for the rap great, along with rap group H.I.S.D, this Saturday at Fitzerald's. When asked why he thinks he was chosen, his answer is supremely self-assured.

"I think it's because of my resume," he says. "I can spit. I'm all about flow and lyrics."

Williams is no stranger to performing with established hip-hop acts, having shared the stage with Lupe Fiasco, Mac Miller, Dead Presidents and our very own Bun B. He even recalls Mr. B complimenting him after opening during one of his shows.

"Bun B came up to me and showed me some love after my set," Williams remembers.

Though the rapper hasn't yet decided what songs he will perform Saturday night, he will likely spit familiar tunes from his previous mixtapes, Attack of the Drobots and Common Struggles of a Modern Man. He says he doesn't usually "bust out new stuff," but this is All-Star Weekend, after all, so Williams just might include new material from his upcoming album, Deja Roo.

The new album, Williams says, is "eclectic," with tracks that range from "laid-back" cuts made for Cadillac hydraulics, to some "darker," "introspective" pieces. He also promises some "jams."

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You and 10,000 other white wanna-be rappers.... or are you an MC?  There's a huge difference, first off.... and second off, again..... how much longer must I endure more new rappers who know how to make beats and rap.  IT'S NOT THAT FUCKING HARD.  And its the reason why it was so vital when it first came out.... because broke ass ni@@s were doin it.... it was real.  Now its fucking:  who can be teh coolest beat maker, make ppl dance, and rap some "conscious" lyrics.  fuck off

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