Top 10 Bands Your Girlfriend Cannot Stand

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"While the hip-hop community was still in mourning [for] 'Pac and Big, he capitalized. He's a brand. Diddy is the most successful at that. [In] each individual classification, he's not the best. His music doesn't seem appealing to me, not even for entertainment purposes."

Lady Antebellum
"For ripping off Alan Parsons Project, among others. Everything they do is a ripoff. Nashville garbage."

"The people who like them just look dirty, like they need a bath. They have long, nasty hair, and smell like stale cigarettes and weed. The music makes me cringe, and all I think about is the scumbags that like it."

My Chemical Romance
"They're just... bad, and so contrived. That cover of 'Under Pressure' was beyond evil. It's like they take everything I like about music, and jump up and down and piss on it."

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The Cure and Metallica actually used to be good though

jeffbalke topcommenter

If you love Justin Timberlake and your girlfriend doesn't, there might be more going on here than musical taste...if you know what I'm sayin'. o_O

MadMac topcommenter

I get Jay-Z, (I like him) I get Metalica, (really, there's still a Metalica? who knew?) but um, is it a coinkydink or is like half this list built on female fans/sales? Bad mouth, (read: speak the truth) Chris Brown on twitter and 19 million future teen moms/battered women flat-blast you.  


I agree with the Jay-Z article, he's just hype


Jay-Z is a saint! How dare you badmouth him, anonymous woman! 

MadMac topcommenter

You can have my share o' dat, right along with Kid Rock, ICP, and John Mayer.

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