Last Night: Toby Keith at Reliant Stadium

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Sipping from a red plastic cup all evening, Keith didn't let the mood stay melancholy very long, though. He brought Roger Clemens and a couple of other middle-aged guys up onto the stage for "Red Solo Cup," a song that is as insufferable as it is infuriatingly entertaining. Keith has never drawn a lot of praise for his acting work, but he must be good at getting into character, because the way he was tottering around the stage by song's end, he seemed positively sloshed.

But one area where Keith is not acting is his ardent support of our men and women in uniform, law enforcement and first responders, but those in the military especially. Even before "American Soldier" made for a solemn benediction, Keith filled his between-song banter with toasts and tributes to servicemen and women, including his dad.

Why Alan Jackson is playing the rodeo's Armed Forces Appreciation Day tomorrow? Because for Toby Keith, it's every day.

Personal Bias: I've never quite understood the source of many critics' antipathy toward Keith. A lot of it has to do with politics, I'm sure, or some sort of intellectual aversion to the message behind songs such as "I Like Girls That Drink Beer." Mostly he seems like a guy who'd rather be playing golf with Roger Clemens.

The Crowd: God-fearing Americans of all ages. Positively gaudy Western wear, much of it Native American-themed.

Overheard in the Crowd: "Gonna be a long walk."

"Sir, you are right."

-- two buddies, immediately after exiting Reliant Stadium

Mutton Bustin' Report: Some poor kid got trampled by his designated sheep, not once but twice. The first time he barely made it out of the chute before the cagey little lamb bucked him off, and the same thing happened when officials gave him another try later on. Mutton bustin' is rough business.

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