Why Electric Daisy Carnival Texas Should Be In Houston

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Photo by Marco Torres
2. Houston vs. Austin
We know Austin knows how to throw major music events; SXSW, ACL Fest, and Fun Fun Fun Fest are all proof of this. Everyone also knows that Austin is where all the "cool" people go. It's even got a great location right in the center of the state.

Although it's an opinion that flies in the face of logic, we're inclined to believe these things hurt Austin's chances. Have you ever asked the average Austinite what he or she thinks of all these festivals? They whine up a storm about traffic and all the extra people. You think they want a bunch of dirty rave kids in their city? Be real, these kids just aren't the right type of "weird."

Photo by Marco Torres
1. Houston vs. El Paso
Although we tend to view it as almost being in a different state entirely, there are many similarities between the El Paso and our fair city. Look at who SMG Events brought to EP and who NightCulture brought to Houston last year to see the massive amount of talent that swung through both cities. Both have thriving EDM communities full of passionate fans who want to see EDC Texas land in their backyard.

And both of them will provide travel inconveniences for the other.

From that perspective, Houston is obviously the easier sell. Is someone from Dallas or Austin really going to want to drive across West Texas when Houston is just a few hours away? Of course not.

And don't feel too bad for El Paso; it's got the Sun City Music Festival to take care of their EDM fest needs.

Whether it's held in the trees of Sam Houston Race Park that hosted Something Wicked or the concrete confines of Reliant Park, EDC would be a great fit for Houston. We've got the fans, event space, and hotel rooms needed for a festival wearing the EDC brand.

We've given you the information, Mr. Rotella. Do the right thing.

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They should have EDC Texas at The Circuit of the Americas! plenty of field space and an amphitheater!


Hey everyone :)
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Relaxsonic is an amazing group that uses gongs to give a sonic massage to your mind and body. From first hand experience, its incredible. Check them out on youtube!

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Good luck!


I would be very surprised if it wasn't Houston.  In fact, back in 2011, Insomniac had short-lived plans to have an EDC at Sam Houston Raceway Park until it was postponed due to inadequate time to plan and execute a proper festival (their words).  At that time they said they said they would return in 2012, which obviously did not materialize.  Past intent aside, Houston would fit the trend of bringing EDC to the biggest US cities:  LV (forced to move from LA), New York, and Chicago.  Here's hoping for Reliant Park.


Sounds like a job for the greater Houston music alliance. Lobby that shit! Do good work!

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