Somebody Please Stop Tupac's Mom

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An album that had absolutely nothing to do with Pac's actual life.
But nobody wants to hear new music from a dead man 16 years gone, especially when there's just not that much to wring out of him anymore. As we've learned, Tupac recorded a lot of music before he died. But he didn't record this much.

That's why you keep getting these cut-and-paste verses, little snippets of songs Pac had previously recorded Frankensteined into new songs. It would be one thing if his posthumous producers could build around the complete skeleton of a song, but at this point they're building songs out of a femur, part of the jaw and a few ribs.

And there's a difference between finishing a man's work and trying to intuit what he would have been wanting to do 16 years after his death. Tupac might have become a movie star and quit music altogether at this point. He might have been a monk. Who knows? But I can guarantee he probably wouldn't want to be on a track like this:

You know, there's a certain irony to mixing Pac into a track that popularized the phrase "YOLO," considering some people are determined to make sure that Pac lives twice, including his own mother. But nobody can live more than once, no matter how many awful songs you can assemble.

I think another zombie of our time that people just won't let rest in peace, the Simpsons, made this point better than I ever could in one simple joke:

Please, somebody stop Tupac's mom, stop everyone else involved in this stuff, stop whoever made that hologram, and just let go. Let the man rest. We've got enough Tupac to go around for every generation to come. We don't need any more.

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