Somebody Please Stop Tupac's Mom

Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot.jpg
It's sort of like this movie, except Tupac's mom will just shoot anyway and there's not a damn thing any of us can do about it.
At this point, you would think we'd all be used to Tupac Shakur's memory being exploited. After all, the late rapper has had more albums released since he died than within his lifetime. That being said, I guess I'm just not as jaded as I'd like to appear. My heart still beats, and it begs for someone to please just stop Tupac's mom.

This past week, Afeni Shakur, controller of her son's estate and thus his entire body of work, promised that all remaining unreleased snippets containing her son farting into a microphone will be released to ensure his legacy lives on in the minds of a new generation of fans.

That would all be well and good, if everything about those posthumous albums weren't so damn disgraceful to his memory. By trying desperately to mold Tupac's voice into tracks with modern production, running his vocals through an autotune filter, cut-and-pasting his words to form new verses, and every other attempt imaginable to keep the dead alive, they're not preserving his legacy for a new generation, they're spitting on it.

The new generation won't forget about Pac. These kids still listen to his old records and respect him. Go to any 15-year-old hip-hop fan's house, and he or she probably has a poster of the man who died the year before this kid was born. That's how powerful and influential Pac's music has been.

Tupac Hologram.jpg
The old generation hasn't forgotten him either, which is evident in its refusal to let him go. From referencing Pac in lyrics, to straight-up biting those lyrics as an homage, to wanting to even be involved in these posthumous abominations, to that fucking hologram, Pac is alive in the hearts and minds of every hip-hop fan, young or old.

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