Roosh Williams Preps Houston Rap Full-Court Press On Deja Roo

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Last week, Roosh Williams, one of the demigods among the current class of underrated Houston rappers, released a new track with Bubba Sparxxx, "Fraudulent". That's right, Bubba Sparxxx.

The track is a Southern-fried delicacy that Roosh calmly executes with his aggressive double-time slick talk and Sparxxx showing he hasn't lost a step behind the mike. The track is set to appear on Williams' upcoming Deja Roo project this month and so we had to dig deeper.

Rocks Off: Obvious question first. How in the hell did you find Bubba Sparxxx for the "Fraudulent" record?

Roosh Williams: [Laughs] Man honestly, we had just finished the last stretch of the Emilio Rojas tour in Kansas and driven to OKC where I was on the way to the airport. I had my old CD case with me and I was jammin a copy of Bubba's Dark Days, Bright Nights that I had from way back when. I figured he'd be relatively accessible since I hadn't heard much from him lately, so I had my manager reach out to him and the rest took care of itself.

RO: Is that the only feature on Deja Roo or are we to expect you pull out an encyclopedia of once forgotten rappers?

RW: Haha! Hmm... you can expect to see Doughbeezy for sure. There are obvious clues in place to piece together the remainder of the puzzle. But I would say there are some prime features on this project, without question. I wanted to create a classic album that I would enjoy listening to on any given day...and quality features can really take that aspect of it to another level.

RO: Outside of The Stompboxx, who else contributed production wise?

RW: Lacemode produced a thunderous trap-esque record for the joint, there are two gems from the main homie Trakksounds, a real nice laid-back joint produced by homie Blev, BrainGang Blue out of Dallas produced one of my favorite records, and the shortest record on the project was produced by a cat I met online who goes by the name of Al Patron. Basically kept the production in Texas, save Blev and Patron. Very intricate production throughout.

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