The Rocks Off 100: Elroy Boogie, Top-Notch Turntablist

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Photos by Marco Torres
Who? Elroy Boogie of the Almighty Kracker Nuttz, is also a principal of popular Boondocks night Top Notch and NanaChill, the party/collective he runs with Dayta. The Filipino native says he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1996 and Houston a year later, and as a DJ, has been "killing the game since 2007."

Home Base: Elroy says he practices in his living room in the Montrose, but "you can catch performing me everywhere."

Why Do You Stay In Houston? "Friends and family," he says. "I've put in a lot of work in this city we call The 'H.' I love this place."

Describe Your DJ Style: "I'm gonna make you dance, I'm gonna make you move, I'm gonna make you sing," Elroy gushes. And (wait for it...) "I'm gonna make you boogie!"

Good War Story: "The first time I did the H-Town Sneaker Summit, I wasn't actually even booked for that gig," opens Elroy. "But I had my set up in the car. DJ Cipher (OG Krackernuttz) was the DJ in the main room for the event, and it was seven hours long."

I knew for sure he wasn't going to DJ all seven hours, so I started setting up and nobody said anything. Cipher went on and just basically murdered his set. But then, after DJng for at least three hours, he looked at me and gave me the go-ahead.

Now I'm the H-Town Sneaker Summit official DJ, and have been for four years now.

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Rhonda Hare

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