RIP Norma Zenteno: Houston Guitarist and Music Scene Mainstay

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Earlier this week, I reported to you about local musician Norma Zenteno and her brave fight against Stage II breast cancer, and a benefit being held in her honor this coming Sunday at SRO Sports Bar.

It is now my sad duty to report that she has passed away this evening at the age of 60, according to updates on her Facebook page. She was surrounded by her family and her husband as she expired.


Local Musician Norma Zenteno Fighting Stage II Breast Cancer

The news quickly made its way around the Houston music scene that she was quite the big cog in, with tributes and kind words coming from most every cluster of musicians.

Her Facebook page also states that the benefit will go on as planned in tribute to Norma, so friends and family will get a chance to share stories and music.

The News92FM Web site has a small slideshow of Zenteno you can peruse. In the next few days, Rocks Off will no doubt have more recollections and insight for you from her friends and fellow musicians.

Also remember that cancer is still a real monster and please support any cancer research causes that you can. The disease has touched most everyone here at Rocks Off, including close members of my own family and extended family.

Rest in peace, Norma.

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My wife's family had know the Zenteno family for many years, my warmest simpathy for the family and the family of fans she had. I will miss the music that moved my feet and move my heart. RIP.

jeffbalke topcommenter

I was fortunate to spend quite a good deal of time with the Zenteno clan over the years. I played with both her brothers Bobby and Javier. Javier taught me how to play Latin music when I barely understood what a samba was. I learned music theory from Norma's ex-husband, Mark when I was still in high school. I first saw her play at the Sky Bar in Montrose when I was definitely too young to be going.

She was brilliantly talented and wonderfully big hearted. She will be sorely missed. 

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