P.L.F. Stays On Its Grind With New Devious Persecution

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That includes the album's lyrics, naturally, which -- in grand, grind tradition -- are totally unintelligible. Callier swears, though, that a message is in there, for those able to hear it.

"There exist some more improvisational grindcore bands and some goregrind bands that freely admit they don't actually have lyrics; the voice is just more of an instrument," he says. "To me, though, writing lyrics is very important. I feel that if I'm going to go to the trouble to compose something to be sang, I want it to at least be well-written."

Collectors can try to decipher Callier's demonic howls for themselves by picking up Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter at Sound Exchange and Vinal Edge or by ordering it straight from the record company at www.SixWeeksRecords.com. After the Badass Weekend, P.L.F. will play their next Houston gig at the Unite to Destroy Fest on March 8 at the White Swan.

Callier is hoping plenty of grind freaks show up to check out the new songs.

"My favorite thing in the world is to nerd out over music or stay up late drinking and listening to records," he says. "If I can provide that joy to other people, it's pretty gratifying."

See www.waltersdowntown.com for more info on Badass Weekend.

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