Artists Who Need Their Own Sirius/XM Channel Already

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Floyd Damage: I would love, love, love a Pink Floyd station, and I know many others would as well. For longer than just enough time to plug a reissue project, namely. There is just so many outtakes, live shows, bootlegs, and solo stuff from Syd, Roger, and David that would make it worth the time. OK, maybe not all of Roger's stuff, but you get the idea. Forget what I said earlier about songs being too long, aight? Put this channel in the regular rotation already.

Strait Country:A George Strait station would go great with the current crop of country already on Sirius. The man is about to release his 40th LP, so it's not as if he's short on material. I am sure there are recordings of his early Gruene Hall shows somewhere in his archives yet to be heard. Have the man himself record a few chat shows too. He doesn't open up enough.

Fab Four Radio:A Beatles station is a no-brainer, but I know that if you had 24-hour access to their music, it would cut into their widows and kids' annual residual checks. Fine, but you know that everyone would love a constant Beatles soundtrack to school their children with. Yet again, use their solo work to pad it out. OK, easy on the Ringo.

Damaged Radio:I am very partial to Black Flag of all eras. The early stuff, the middle periods, and even the later period towards the end of their run when they were helping build the sound that would soon be grunge. A Black Flag station could also encompass most hardcore bands that they toured with and called contemporaries, sort of like American Hardcore Radio or something.

24-Hour Zappa Therapy: Zappa Radio, just let it unfurl all freaky-like for days and days, infecting impressionable teens. See what happens to the number of members and horns in most indie-rock bands in five years.

Purple Radio One: And finally, I know he's not in the picture at the top of this article, but for Jesus' sake and the sake of the world's population, please please please throw Prince tons of cash for his own station. Let the man bring a live mike into his studio and jam for six hours.

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3 things. 

1. An all Rush channel. 20 studio records, 8 live albums soon to be 9, 4 solo project albums, various solo appearances on dozens of tracks, rock and roll hall of fame members, and they have over 40,000 hours of live material in their vaults. Long over due.

2. Van Halen - 12 studio records, 1 live album, and over 50,000 hours of material located at 5150 studios plus unreleased material that could fill 10 albums easily. Add in solo albums and work from Roth, Hagar, and Cherone and you have countless and endless possibilities with the Van Halen catalog.

3. A Progressive Rock channel. Rush, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Fates Warning, Genesis, Coheed and Cambria, Opeth, Dillinger Escape Plan, ELP, ELO, Saga, King Crimson, Beach Boys, Jethro Tull, Supertramp, Muse, Asia, GTR, The Mars Volta, Alan Parsons Project, Kansas, Queen, Mike Oldfield, Caravan, Camel, Toto, Styx, Scale The Summit, Three, Soft Machine, The American Dollar etc....the list is endless and this genre is long over due for their own station.


Beastie Boys channel, can include their friends and other bands they like. Consider it the new digital version of Grand Royal.

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