5 Ways Bands Could Make Compilations Actually Interesting

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Your Best Album Plus More: I distinctly remember as a kid calling Fleetwood Mac's Rumors their Best Of, and my father saying, "It is, but not on purpose." There are other good albums by Fleetwood Mac, of course, but you can only own Rumors and never really miss anything.

So when the 15th anniversary or whatever of your iconic album rolls around, maybe you could think about getting that specific team back together just to jam the songs. This would be an especially true in a band like The Cure that has had so many very distinct incarnations. After getting yourselves back in the mindset you were when you first laid down those tracks, just keep going. See if you can hammer out a couple of "era" songs. It's not a reunion, it's just to make sure that you said all that needed to be said.

An Actual Worst Of: Bands only call their Best Of albums The Worst Of if they have literally exhausted every other avenue of marketing and humor. Just once I'd like to have a band select ten or twelve tunes from their career that they literally wish they'd never recorded, and tell us why in the liner notes. It would make for a very interesting tour, seeing as how it would probably be songs that they had rarely if ever played live.

A Submission Video Compilation: One of the things that I find interesting when I cover music videos is how often the band itself is never really involved. The record label finds a director and sends them off into the wilderness with a camera and cash. The vast majority of songs a band records never get video adaptations made, so you could just farm it out to aspiring directors. If someone well-known, but not exactly massive like Blood on the Dance Floor sent out requests for vids they'd be inundated with top-quality stuff without ever having to lift a finger or show up, like that fan-made Decembrists video above.

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A few bands have done the "re-jam the classic album" thing and it's typically terrible.  Gang of Four, Fear, 'Don't Stand So Close To Me '86.'


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