Four ScoreMore Tales That Didn't Make Our Cover Story

Clothing Line
In addition to ScoreMore, Guttfreund and Bogle have created a clothing line. It's called Vintage for the Vain and you can see it here. Given the twosome's business aptitude, it's hard to imagine a scenario where VftV isn't successful.

The Other Jacket
On the night of the Kendrick Lamar double show, I trailed Sascha et. al. from about 5 p.m. on. While transitioning from Warehouse Live to the House of Blues, I rode with Rome, one of ScoreMore's Houston employees (and a perfectly pleasant person). Also in the car was Sascha's father, Andre, and a friend of the company from L.A.

Their friend from L.A. was a particularly stylish fellow; if memory serves, he had on a very admirable hat/pants/shoes/mustache combination. My favorite part, though: he was wearing the exact same style of jacket that my wife owns; something close to a grey glen trenchcoat, but not exactly a grey glen trenchcoat.

It was very impressive. I'd like to tell you that I didn't go home and try on my wife's coat to see if it would look equally non-feminine on me, but I would also like to tell you the truth, and those two things aren't the same in this instance.

Go read the ScoreMore story.

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