Four ScoreMore Tales That Didn't Make Our Cover Story

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Cover by Monica Fuentes/Photo by Marco Torres
This week's Houston Press cover story is about ScoreMore, the Texas-based concert promotion company that has, in the estimation of many, become a vital part of the rap ecosystem in the Southern United States.

For these types of long-form stories, a fair amount of research and reporting is involved. In this case, ScoreMore principals Sascha Stone Guttfreund and Claire Bogle allowed me to be part of their world for six weeks, both in person and in the crevices of their varying inboxes (text, voicemail, tweets, etc), answering approximately 400,000 questions about everything that has ever happened about everything, grand to tiny, since the universe first spat out energy.

As such, there were parts of the notes that, due to space restrictions (and wanting to maintain the general narrative arc), were not included. The four best:

Did you know that "Trill" is a trademarked term? It is. It belongs to Bun B, which you might have been able to guess. What you might not have been able to guess is that Guttfreund helped Bun gain ownership.

Said Guttfreund: "It was a long process --someone else had already tried to register it. But we got it done. It only made sense. Bun B is the trillest motherfucker alive."

The Team
ScoreMore's staff is as important to the company as its owners. I was able to sit in on a company dinner where the Houston branch gathered with Guttfreund and Bogle to discuss upcoming business strategies and whatnot, and the most enjoyable part was listening in as they went around the table discussing which new rappers ScoreMore should consider booking.

They rifled off names that only the nerdiest rap nerds would recognize, each person citing a specific reason why his or her chosen rapper was good/great/sublime. ScoreMore has built a reputation for being able to identify which new rappers were going to eventually make news and/or noise on a national level; this is a trait that is being cultivated, it seems.

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