Last Night: Nas Raps Most of Illmatic at Ei8ht Lounge

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Here's the power of his seminal debut album. It's nearly 20 years old and still causes grown rap nerds to leap over scantily clad women to tell themselves as loud as possibly internally, "YES I AM HERE WITH NAS AND YES I AM GOING TO RAP THIS ENTIRE ALBUM IN YOUR FACE!"

So "The Genesis" begot "Halftime" which begot "The World Is Yours" which begot "It Ain't Hard to Tell." All rapid-fire, all moments where scantily-clad chicks you wouldn't assume to be hip-hop heads gave you the eyes of seduction and agreement.

Nas thanked us, highlighted the fact that Houston has some of the baddest women around and then disappeared, almost taking a congregation of people with him. I don't believe that every All-Star party would carry this sort of weird gravitas but then again, you don't know what to expect when Nasty Nas is in your area.

Personal Bias: In the span of a year I've seen Nas three times, each performance a different animal.

The Crowd: A healthy mix of baller, wanna-be-a baller and choosy women.

Overheard In the Crowd: "I'm keeping myself pure this weekend."

Overheard In My Head: No, no you're not.

Random Notebook Dump: When you read a flyer for an All-Star party, you expect to conform to a dress code. E8ght Lounge is classy and upscale with a wide patio section and heaters -- yet there was a guy inside with a Kappa Alpha Psi T-shirt on. Put my suede jacket and shoes to shame. Play on, playa.

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5102 Washington, Houston, TX

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That's one thing I really like about Nas. Every time I've seen him live, he goes on, does a great show, and wants to keep going even after his set time. I met him @ ACL 2 years ago and @ SXSW last year. Nicest person ever.


How is it possible the Houston Press can get access to these events but come away without any video interviews from popular artists. Get with the times guys. You'll get alot more engagement and traffic.

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