Last Night: Lady Gaga at Toyota Center

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Photos courtesy of The Picture Group
Note: These photos are pre-approved shots of a previous Born This Way Ball performance provided by Team Gaga, not from Thursday night's Houston show.
Check out Gaga's Little Monsters in our slideshow.

Lady Gaga
Toyota Center
January 31, 2K13

Lady Gaga knows what the people want, and she gives it to them. She knows that some people just come for the spectacle, so she brings along a giant gothic castle and a variety of strange props to go with it. She knows people want to hear the hits, so they're dished out regularly.

She knows that the little monsters want to hear the gospel of Gaga and so she preaches about being brave, being yourself, and not taking any shit anymore.

It's visually stimulating and emotionally stirring, a guaranteed formula to send most of the crowd home happy.. It's so good that it isn't until later, in the car ride home or right before they fall asleep that they realize that much of the show didn't make a lick of sense.

Not that it needed to, of course.

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Lady Gaga is not the world's best storyteller. This would not be a problem except that she loves to tell stories, from big epics about aliens and freedom to small personal stories about stargazing and perseverance.

She lucked out with her first large-scale tour/production, The Monster Ball. That story might have been silly, but it was basic and relatable: Gaga and her friends need to get through a city to get to the party, along the way she fights a giant angler fish. This is something that everyone can identify with; we all have to fight giant angler fish sometimes.

As for the current Born This Way Ball, it's the most bizarre self-help class you can imagine. It's a story that starts with the Born Brave Bus outside the venue and ends with her kissing a random fan and telling him it was destiny; be yourself and the best things will happen.

What any of that has to do with the story line involving aliens and world domination and giant floating heads I'm still trying to work out. By the time she's playing an alien who happens to be playing Lady Gaga I decided it was better to just zone out and enjoy the imagery.

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Toyota Center

1510 Polk, Houston, TX

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