It'll Take More Than a Newsletter to Clean up the Word Juggalo

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Photo by Marc Brubaker.
Also not a gang.
Take the newsletter, for example. It's easy to see what they're trying to do with it: put a human face on the Juggalos suffering because of their newfound status as gang members.

And hell, "I'm about as gangster as a care bear" is a pretty good quote. But it's still a newsletter in a digital age, just one step above a piece of spam.

They should be going out and getting these Juggalos to tell their story on camera. More than just their story, we should be getting a better sense of who they are as people. Show society that Juggalos are people not all that different from themselves, with hopes and dreams and jobs and families, just instead of being super into sports or Real Housewives of Atlanta, they're in to horrorcore rap songs.

Also, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope should give serious consideration to booking some high-profile TV interviews where they don't wear makeup. I know that's heretical to suggest, but if they're ever going to get people to take them the least bit seriously, they're going to have to introduce the world to Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler, two guys who like to write about murder and would do anything for their fans.

Photo by Marc Brubaker.
Still not a gang.

Also, here's a bit of personal advice for you Juggalos out there: maybe avoid slapping ICP stickers on coffins for a few years. I know the group means a lot to you, but it just looks really weird to people on the outside, people whose support you need if you're ever going to get past this gang thing.

At the end of the day, ICP and Psychopathic deserve credit for sticking up for their fans no matter how they choose to do it. In my personal experience, I've found Juggalos to be a fun, welcoming group of people who probably don't deserve to be lumped in with the real gangs of the world.

Are there ICP fans with awful tattoos that do terrible things? Yes.

Does that mean they're a gang? Unless they're running the best, most secret con of all time, the answer is no.

They're just the bad apples ruining the already tarnished name of the rest of the family. But to restore the family, it's going to take a lot of work and more than just a few newsletters.

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