Inspector Owl and the Bloody World of Underground Hungry Hungry Hippo Bouts

And ram a machete through someone's head he does indeed. As foretold in the prophecy, the game quickly degenerates into a bloodbath when evidence of cheating becomes apparent. (Hiding extra little white balls up your sleeve, since you're probably asking.) Suddenly it's all karate, gun battles, and a final climatic scene where the game's organizer is tied to a chair and doused with gasoline.

This, by the by, was preceded by a simply astounding dream sequence from brought on when the organizer gets knocked unconscious in the melee. He awakens on a Lynchian black and white set where he dodges the heads of giant Hippos. It's a brief little thing, but it manages to add a whole new level to the art of "Mousey."

It's a farce of a vid, but an unbelievably fun farce that perfectly plays to Inspector Owl's catchy-ass little tune. But all cinematic deconstructionism aside, it still all comes down to Hungry Hungry Hippos.

"Although I fell in love with the idea instantly, I can't take credit for it," says Nissen. "We really wanted to juxtapose millennial-brand childhood nostalgia with mobster carnage."

"Pretty much we wanted to take something innocent and simple and escalate it to this climax with an absurd amount of carnage," adds Wills. Check out "Mousey" below.

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