How to Survive the Harlem Shake Meme (Now with Air-Humpers)

I've developed a new game that I like to call the "Where's Waldo, Air-Hump Style."
See, when you throw a bunch of uncoordinated folks in a room and instruct them to dance, at least one of them air-humps. It's a well-known fact, as evidenced at family holidays once grandma gets a couple of glasses of wine in her.

So instead of killing brain cells by watching all of the dumbasses try to wobble uncontrollably, you search the room for the dude who skates past everyone seeing his lack of coordination by air-humping the shit out of nothing at all.

His dance moves are simple. Swing forward, ease back. Everyone loves the air-hump dance. Sometimes they aim it at objects, sometimes at people, but generally it's just humping at the air.

It takes these epileptic videos to a whole new level of fun. Zero to 60 in one swift move of the air-hump. Air-humpin', savin' lives.

Can't find the air humper in this video?

Oh! There they are!

Office Humping Photoshop.jpg

Too dumbfounded by the guy in the chicken suit?

Oh! The air humper IS the guy in the chicken suit! You fooled me!

humping chicken.jpg

I know, I know...

You're welcome.

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The thing about memes is that they have to be ingested in moderation and they won’t rot your soul.Keep that in mind, whether it’s a Korean guy riding an imaginary horse, some frat kids shaking in costume or two girls sharing an odd cup of pudding.Maybe not that last one, that last one will eat your soul regardless.

Heads up, the next big thing is waiving your penis at traffic.Get ready for some hilarious “shlonging” videos, as America further spirals towards the lowest common denominator.

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