Grandfather Child's Lucas Gorham On the Mend After Nasty Spill

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Photo by Jim Bricker
Lucas Gorham at Grandfather Child's CD release show at Fitzgerald's, September 2012
"Maaaaan, I'm doing OK," says Grandfather Child's Lucas Gorham over the phone. "A lot better than I was a couple of weeks ago, that's for sure."

On Martin Luther King Day, the popular Houston roots/R&B band's vocalist/steel guitarist was riding his bicycle to his mom's house about ten miles away. Almost there, he rode over something on the railroad tracks he was crossing that stopped him abruptly. Gorham flipped over the handlebars and landed on his shoulder.

"I broke my collarbone," he says.

His mom took him to the emergency room, and doctors prescribed some pain pills and sent him to an orthopedist. The next day, that doctor told Gorham he needed surgery.

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"I was like, 'Oh great, how am I going to pay for that?'" he says.

Gorham set up an appointment the next week at the Ben Taub Hospital ER, where another doctor took some X-rays and said he didn't think surgery was necessary. Since then his arm has become a little more mobile, he says.

"He showed me how the break is getting closer together on its own," adds Gorham. "So that's about where I'm at. It's healing, but it's broken. I can't pick anything up with my right hand above about five pounds."

Gorham admits he wasn't wearing a helmet (naughty naughty) but says, "thankfully I didn't land on my head." He was hoping to be back at work this week -- he teaches workshops for younger children at Houston music-education/performance-art nonprofit Nameless Sound, a 2011 Houston Press Mastermind winner -- but his job involves a lot of lifting and carrying equipment in the course of his eight or nine classes per week.

"That's like eight or nine classes I have to lug all these instruments to," he says. "I can't do it, man. I'm not going to do it until my arm feels better."

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