Abandon All Hope: Your Guide to the 2013 Grammy Award Underdogs

2. Al Walser, "I Can't Live Without You" (Best Dance Recording)
Many were confused and offended when Al Walser was announced as the fifth entry in this category. It's a slot that could have been filled by any number of great songs that came out last year, be it Zedd's "Clarity", Porter Robinson's "Language", or Eric Prydz's "Allein." With three of the biggest songs in EDM (and an OK Calvin Harris track) nominated, it's one of the hardest categories to pick and there's absolutely no way Walser wins.

But wouldn't it be kind of cool if it did? Not that we should be rewarding someone for being better at networking than making music, but if the Grammys are going to make it easy for people to get undeserved nominations they should get to deal with the consequences. Imagine what would happen if a bunch of people voted for Walser out of spite.

1. Austin Wintory, Journey (Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media)
This is a category full of heavyweights, including legendary composers John Williams and Hans Zimmer, as well as the duo of Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor and his Oscar-winning The Social Network collaborator Atticus Ross. A lot of people not only know their names but can hum pieces of their scores.

Outside of hardcore gamers. there aren't a lot of people who know who Austin Wintory is or the work he's done. In that sense his nomination is special: video game scores never get nominated for Grammys. It's fitting that Wintory is the one getting the nod because his score, like his nomination, is special.

Few games have ever matched music and visuals as well as Journey. It's a rare case where music is just as important to the experience as the graphics and gameplay. That won't be enough to win this year, but it's a good first step for video game music on the whole.

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