Five Weird Bands to Watch in 2013

2. Bosnian Rainbows
The latest project from noted weirdo couple Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (formerly of The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In) and Teri Gender Bender (of Le Butcherettes), this one experiments with synth sounds, echoey drums, Teri's bizarre voice and dancing, and Omar's trademark screeching, jagged guitar noise to make something akin to a fucked off version of new wave.

Fans of Rodriguez-Lopez's previous projects might struggle, but if they spend enough time with it, they will find that it has a similar appeal as all of his work. It just pushes things simultaneously forward and backward to create a pretty interesting new sound.

1. Buke and Gase

Making pop music, but completely defying any of the traditional aspects of pop music, Buke and Gase throw in beautiful vocal melodies from vocalist Arone Dyer, sometimes even running them through autotune, which might fool one into thinking this band has any semblance of normality to them.

But their songs instead take the angular path, twisting through verses and choruses like they're obstacle courses. Their jerky rhythms are made not by any traditional instrumentation, but by a "buke," a six-string ukulele, and a "gase," a combination of a guitar and bass, both homemade instruments.

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