Top 10 Songs Inspired By Final Fantasy

5. Blood on the Dance Floor, "The Untouchables"
Dahvie Vanity lifted the chorus to "Untouchables" right from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. What else would you expect from a man with Final Fantasy tattoos? Well done, boys.

4. A Skylit Drive, "All It Takes For Your Dreams to Come True"
It might be easier to name songs on Wires...and the Concept of Breathing that weren't inspired by Final Fantasy. More than half of the song titles are quotes or references to the series, though the band seems to pay special attention to Final Fantasy X. It's almost a concept album tying the entire franchise together in a vaguely poetic way.

3. Random feat. Dale Chase, "The Turks"
Speaking of concept albums, Random decided that he would do the same thing that Duane and Brando did, but spread across an entire album called Black Materia. Out of all the tracks on the Final Fantasy VII story disc, Random's tribute to the badassness of The Turks stands out the best. Truly a fitting theme to arguably the coolest bad guys ever featured in the games.

2. Seve vs. Evan, "Mega-Bomberman"
Seve vs. Evan bring a sort of Legendary Pink Dots meet The Killers class to their love song. It's a bouncy bit of wonderfulness that full of promises of riding Gold Chocobos across desert wastes and the hope of survival through Mega-Elixirs. Take my advice, if you find a girl who thinks this song is sweet marry her.

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"Maybe topping this list will encourage the band to make it available for those of us across the pond."

It might encourage them to do so if you don't call them "Pysko Dalek". =P

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