Top 10 Songs Inspired By Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is one of my personal religions. No really, I wrote an article about it and everything.

Like all good religions, the classic series of role-playing video games has inspired musicians to pay tribute to it, and today we celebrate the Top 10 who have done so.

10. Owen Pallett, "An Arrow in the Side of Final Fantasy"
Before he started releasing music under his own name, Owen Pallett went by Final Fantasy. He's a big gamer who pays tribute to the hobby with his name, and "An Arrow" also contains samples from Super Mario Land 2 to boot.

9. William Kage, "Tears of an Esper"
William Kage grew up surrounded by Nobuo Uematsu's brilliant video-game scores, and they inspired him to become a musician himself. But where Uematsu has gone full orchestral as gaming technology improves, Kage works with the same tools that were used to craft the SNES Final Fantasy titles. His original compositions echo the same tones we all fell in love with back in the '90s.

8. Gackt, "Longing"
It's been said that the character of Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII was based on Japanese musician and voice actor Gackt Camui. There's certainly a resemblance, and Camui provided two original tunes for the spin-off game Dirge of Cerberus. "Longing" plays during Vincent Valentine's fight inside OMEGA.

7. Still Remains, "Avalanche"
Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved of the series, and the members of Still Remains are clearly fans. "Avalanche" was inspired by the freedom fighters taking on Shinra, hoping to stop the death of the planet at the hands of the evil corporation.

6. Duane and Brando, "Final Fantasy"
So you're saying to yourself, "I'd like to recap the first Final Fantasy, but I'd prefer to have it rapped at me." Or more likely you aren't, but you really should because for ten glorious minutes Duane and Brando relive the original in perfect flowtastic style.

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"Maybe topping this list will encourage the band to make it available for those of us across the pond."

It might encourage them to do so if you don't call them "Pysko Dalek". =P

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