Enabler's Jeff Lohrber Talks Andy Hurley and the Upcoming Shift of Redemption

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Photo by John Mourlas

Enabler's EP, Shift of Redemption, and a previous record, All Hail the Void, are intriguing slabs of riffs. What are the differences between them? Is the new EP just a continuation of the previous full-length?

"I think every release we've had, there's always been a different lineup on every recording, whether it be a different guitarist involved or a drummer or a bassist at different points. Recordings are what they are. That's a testament to where the band was at at that point in time, and at that time that was the best we possibly could put out with All Hail the Void. I mean, it came out really cool."

Cool, but perfect? Not so much.

"Of course, there's always something you'd do differently the next time around. You know, you live and you learn. But I love the record. I think Eden Sank to Grief had a certain charm to it that All Hail the Void doesn't have. It's not polished at all, it's very raw, very pissed, and it's the first recording of the band. We're still figuring out where the songs are going. All Hail the Void is where it went."

Lohrber was pleased with the way the ideas seem to coalesce on Shift, still sounding raw and unpolished in the process.

"With Shift there's a lot of new ideas being thrown out there. Just trying not to repeat ourselves all over the place. I was really pleased with the way the guitar tone came out on the EP."

"I think if you like the band, you'll love this EP."

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