Enabler's Jeff Lohrber Talks Andy Hurley and the Upcoming Shift of Redemption

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Photo by John Mourlas
Jeff Lohrber of Enabler

With the recent news of Fall Out Boy's reunion, I found myself much more concerned with the fate of a wholly different band.

Specifically, Milwaukee hardcore act Enabler. The Southern Lord band just released a stunning, slamming slice of hardcore and metal last year on their sophomore record All Hail the Void and are gearing up to terrorize your neighbors' ears once again in April with an EP called Shift of Redemption.

Astute fans will be quick to notice a major change in the drum kit. Enabler had been working with Fall Out Boy's drummer, Andy Hurley, who as we all now know as taken off back to his original band for their reunion tour and new record.

This week I caught up with Enabler front man Jeff Lohrber to discuss life beyond their erstwhile drummer and their new record.

The first question I had, obviously, was about who in the world their new drummer is. As you may have noticed, they've been having some problems with that lately. For what it's worth, however, they have a drummer long enough to complete a European tour.

As Lohrber told it to me, their latest drummer is an old friend of theirs named Andy Stamm.

"He played in a band called Hookerspitwindex briefly and he just plays for local bands," Lohrber says. "I've probably known him for ten years, and it just kind of came up that we had had another European tour in December that we ended up not being able to do because of drummer issues." Lohrber was quick to explain that the situation is not permanent for the drummer.

"It's not really a full-time thing, because he's got a kid and he has to take care of his responsibilities first and foremost. He has a full-time job and it's kind of hard to deal with how we tour when you have those things."

Andy Hurley's full-time gig in Fall Out Boy doesn't exactly leave much free time to drum in a metal band, obviously.

"Fall Out Boy is a full-time band, and Hurley's actually come back and forth to see us here and there and is still a really good friend of the band. I don't know if you've seen Fall Out Boy's upcoming tour dates, but it's a lot," says Lohrber.

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