Here's Elton John In an Astros Jersey In 1986

As for this "Weird Al" Yankovic and Roger Clemens picture, that story is a little less eventful.

"Weird Al's local record rep was doing a promotion with him at a bowling alley and Clemens happened to be there," said Kessler. Simple as that. No word on what bowling alley it might have been, or if Clemens used PEDs to up his score.

(Ed. Note: It looks more like former Astros pitcher and beer aficionado Charlie Kerfeld than Clemens to me and others on Twitter.)

As for Kessler, he continues to update his photo site with pictures from the late '80s.

"I started organizing 1987 last night," he says. "I scanned my tickets and I started scanning my passes. There will be lots of Bowie from the "Glass Spider" tour, Madonna, as well as Pink Floyd in the Astrodome and a crazy number of U2 photos from the Joshua Tree tour."

Kessler estimates he has about 3,500 photos to look through.

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