Houston Rockers Pitch In to Help Some Ukrainian Kids Learn English

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Drew Ireland and his Ukrainian students
Houston native/musician Drew Ireland is currently volunteering in Kryzhopil, a small village in the Ukraine, teaching young kids English as a second language. Ireland is need of updated supplies, and some of his friends here in the Bayou City are putting on a show to help him out.

The benefit show, set for March 2 at Walters, is headed up by Venomous Maximus and Weird Party, and features reunion sets by Fight Pretty and Bowel, with Bury the Crown added in for good measure. (Why not?) The cover charge is $10, with all the cash going to Ireland's cause.

Ireland joined The Jonbenét in May 2004 on drums and was that band's drummer for the last five years of its life. He then briefly did time in The Burden, who played our Reduxion party back in Summer 2010.

"I am so pleasantly surprised this idea has come together the way it has," Ireland says in an email from the Ukraine. "I am very fortunate to know such supportive people."

"We are hoping to acquire a SMART Board, and if we can manage to do that and there's extra, I'm going to go buy some headphones and record all the tape-scripts from their textbooks so they can hear a native speaker for practice when I'm gone," Ireland added.

Ireland tries to use English-speaking TV and movies when he can to teach, but still has to cater to the local school system.

"I try to maintain "English clubs" and hold "English week" so I can really do what I want for extracurricular activities," he says.

Ireland adds that his youngsters are also thoroughly in love with dubstep, proving that the wub-wub gets into every crevice of the world. I wonder what they would think about a bunch of metal and hardcore bands rocking out in their honor thousands of miles away.

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Walters Downtown

1120 Naylor, Houston, TX

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Denniz James Polk
Denniz James Polk

You guys should really make sure you support this cause. The amount of money needed can EASILY be surpassed with enough support. You can contact me on here or at Glowpumpkin979@gmail.com if you want to make a donation or know anyone else who is likely to want to. I will make sure the money goes directly where it needs to (look at my pic, I have a trustworthy face). I personally enjoy the fact that with enough support this directly helps a group of children learn in a way that they could not otherwise and we will know the progress of how they are affected, due to Drew keeping us filled in. So much more exciting and fulfilling to me then a blind donation to a charity that you aren't even sure if anyone benefits from.

Nosa Edebor
Nosa Edebor

this is really dope good job houston!

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