The Rocks Off 100: DJ Candlestick, One Niceguy and a Very Busy DJ

DJ Candlestick (L) with his Chopstars mentor OG Ron C (R).
Why Do You Stay In Houston? "I stay in Houston because I was born here and it's a beautiful city," says Candlestick, who feels the city offers a "perfect blend of people, weather and emotions. A city where you have to find your niche. A city where everybody is chill, and with a double cup. Clutch City aka Screwston, Texas."

Good War Story: "My favorite war story would be Gladiator," he says. "I felt his pain. If someone tries to kill your will, never quit until you accomplish your goals." [We'll accept that -- ed.]

Music Scene Pet Peeve: "Is, and will always be, artists' lack of originality, creativity and work ethic," Candlestick says emphatically.

June+27 0228.jpg
5 Records You Can't Live Without:

  • Notorious B. I.G., "Get Money"
  • Screwed Up Click, "June 27"
  • Swishahouse, "Drank In My Cup"
  • Z-Ro, "Mo City Don Freestyle"
  • Bob Marley, "Is This Love"

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