Chubby Checker, the Man Who Killed the Boner App

The "Great Balls of Fire" App, courtesy of Jerry Lee Lewis

The "Boney Maroney" App, by Ritchie Valens

The "It Ain't the Meat" App, by The Swallows (who get bonus points for TWO awesome double entendres)

The Banana Boat App, by either Harry Belafonte or Steve Lawrence (or both, your choice!)

Or, if you'd like to be really specific in your sizing efforts, we could always go with:

The "Big Ten-Inch Record" App, by Bull Moose Jackson

Think about it. With my marketing skills and your erection references, we can take this shit platinum.

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If you want to know something private about a man, just ask him in an adult manner, using proper terminology.  "Medically speaking, just how dinky is your wang?"


You are so f'n funny! Absolutely damaged in the most amazingly unexpected & appreciated sense. Have read all your posts and can't wait for the next. Hope to see more of your insight in other areas soon.

Missy Jane
Missy Jane

LMAO! To be honest I've found from personal experience that shoe size is NOT telling. ;-)


Man! Either boys are just weird or I need to stay in the know with the latest apps! It's an entire app world out there I don't even know about!

dermgerm topcommenter

Boney. Fucking. Maloney. Haaaaa

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