Booty Drumming Is Not Nearly As Awesome As It Sounds

2:19: A look of confusion; oh crap, where to now? He must have realized the error of his ways, and begins to compensate for his errors. Maybe ol' righty will forgive him after all.

jorge 5 resized.jpg

2:25: Now I see why we needed to let the tension out of our neck, Jorge. Frenetic head bobbing to the beat is gonna cause you to pull a muscle!

2:32: More random cymbal, and the thought that this shit is never. going. to. end.

jorge 6.jpg

2:34: Aaaaaand, we're done.

2:44: Oh, wait. No, we're not. It puts the lotion on its skin...Jorge is treating us to a show, with him rubbing lotion on the abused behinds. Why is this starting to feel like a bad porn intro?

2:47: Jorge grins like the happiest man on earth, while I wonder how to build a flux capacitor and get three minutes of my life back. Lucky bastard; he got all the fun while all I did was watch. Voyeurism is not my thing, apparently.

jorge final.jpg

Well, that was overrated. I suppose eight ass cheeks are better aesthetically, but really, two could have accomplished what all eight did here. Slightly indulgent, if you ask me.

And although he added variety with four bums, the tones are all the same. Obviously he needs to consult some of the great booty connoisseurs; may I suggest Sir Mixalot or 2 Live Crew for a lesson on the appreciation of a more well developed rear? Perhaps that would add some spice to this bland mix.

Also, what gives, Jorge? A booty drumming video sans booty clapping? That has to be illegal; booty clapping is percussion at its finest. We all know that.

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I don't see any overhead mics. I wonder where they could of placed them?

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