Booty Drumming Is Not Nearly As Awesome As It Sounds

28 second mark: Keeping his eye on the prized third bum, he gives a little love pat to the left two, but leaves the right-hand one feeling like the redheaded step-child. What gives? I'm beginning to feel slightly offended for that ass; this is a communal ass-spanking video! No one ass should be the star.

35 second mark: Back to the third one in. So this must be why therapists don't recommend open relationships. Someone always gets jealous; the right-hand butt is still loveless. If I were her, I'd stomp off the set.

Thumbnail image for Jorge 2.jpg

1:11: Back to old fancy-pants favorite again. Why is this entertaining?

2:00 mark: I realize this video has gone on about 1:45 seconds too long. Fifteen seconds of ass-spanking must be my limit. I'm a sensitive soul.

2:03 mark: Holy hell. His obsession with one member of the quad drum line is exactly why bands break up. Everyone deserves a moment in the spotlight. Stay strong, neglected righty. You'll find someone who appreciates you someday.

2:15: We're finally getting somewhere, with Jorge drumming in hyper-mode. Finally, frenzied booty-spankin' is taking over.

Jorge 4.jpg

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I don't see any overhead mics. I wonder where they could of placed them?

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