10 Controversial Artists I Want to See on the New Arsenio

6. Lana Del Rey
You kind of either really dig Lana Del Rey or hate her guts. She's polarizing. But Born to Die was one of last year's biggest-selling records, so obviously a lot of people are into her. That's paid off with some nice performances on TV shows both in the States and abroad, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for a train wreck reminiscent of her infamous SNL appearance.

Not only would she provide Arsenio with an intriguing guest, but potential fodder for endless jokes as well. Convenient! Personally, I plan to spend her entire performance staring at those weird-ass fake lips.

5. Insane Clown Posse
Arsenio always enjoyed having entertaining freaks on his show. Hell, the man once interviewed Friday the 13th slasher Jason Voorhees on his show. Shouldn't be any great stretch to host another two guys who pretend to be serial murderers: the lovable Insane Clown Posse.

ICP's Faygo-drenched retardo-rap schtick is tailor-made for TV, and it's a shame they're never invited on anyplace. Arsenio could be the next in a series of deliciously uncomfortable intersections between ICP and the mainstream.

Riff 0213.jpg
4. Riff Raff
Hey, we got to get one local guy on there. I get the knock on Riff Raff's whole bit, but I like him anyway. Although he stands completely apart from the Houston rap scene, I find that he fits comfortably in the city's pantheon of rapping weirdos, and his sheer enthusiasm and glee for...whatever it is that he's doing is infectious.

I want to see more of him on TV, his natural habitat. I mean, this is music you can really woof along to here.

3. Lupe Fiasco
Ex-next-big-thing Lupe Fiasco made headlines recently when he was escorted offstage during a performance at one of about six trillion inaugural concerts in Washington after he made his displeasure with the President's foreign policy abundantly clear.

Fat chance he'd find himself similarly cut off on The Arsenio Hall Show. If Lupe's got a legitimate political point to make, odds are he'd find a more receptive audience on late-night TV than at a re-election party.

2. Justin Bieber
It's already begun, folks. The cracks in Justin Bieber's gleaming Canadian veneer are starting to show. He's been photographed allegedly smoking weed and groping a fan's boob in recent weeks, and now rumors have surfaced that he's sucking down purple drank on the reg.

Now that he's got hair on his nuts, it seems the Biebs has developed a taste for sex, drugs and filthy lucre. What better arena for his coming-out party as the Maple-scented thug he's become than Arsenio? It's time to unveil that gangsta new neck tat and make Beliebers out of the streets, J.B.

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