Last Night: Imagine Dragons at House of Blues

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There's a richness to Reynolds' voice that isn't drowned out by the roar of the heavy percussion beats. That's a big feat, considering the amount of melodrama flowing from the bass drum in nearly every song.

His vocals were at their best on the Dragons' hit "Tiptoe," with the cleanliness of his voice bouncing against the chanting of the audience. "Bleeding Out" and "Demons" were unexpected standouts with the crowd; as fan hands flew into the air as if on cue.

The African-sounding chants, xylophones, and grandiose piano slams were coupled with a massive drum architecture to push the sound much deeper than the friendly choruses.The band's use of percussion was, at points, unrelenting, and it poured vibrations into the crowd on some of the heavier numbers with massive strength.

As expected, the bass-heavy hit "Radioactive" pushed the audience into overdrive as the melodic rhythm of the snare hummed against the wobbling electronic beats, with both Reynolds and the fans simultaneously exploding into the chorus. Despite my reservations about the track's heavily electronic sound, the deep bass lines and dub flirtations managed to translate into an energetic, honest live performance.

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"It's Time", the Dragons' uber-popular track, followed up some of the heavier numbers to close out the show.The folksy, mandolin-laced song has a very different sound from the explosion of percussion heard on the other numbers. The feel-good tune's emotive powergrab had mass appeal, earning a sea of hand clapping from the crowd.

Kudos, guys. I left the venue with the sense that I had just experienced Imagine Dragons, rather than just watching them.They performed their asses off and bled out a solid show worthy of all the hype.

Personal Bias: I tend to like bands with synthesizers and New Wave influences. It's the '80's kid in me.

The Crowd: Impossible to categorize; every walk of life was there... even middle-school kids.

Overheard In the Crowd: "I don't know what song this is, but this band is awesome."

"So just throw your arms up and pretend you know the words."

Random Notebook Dump: The two-man bass drum moment was fantastic.

Location Info

House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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Comment posted to wrong article.


I am now angry I did not go to this show.  It sounded amazing.

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