Your All-Star Weekend Celebrity Guestbook, Part 2

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Photo by Marc Brubaker
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Houston is by most accounts one of America's more cultured and sophisticated cities, but it still loses its damn mind when a lot of famous people come to town. The swarm of people created by celebrities and their spotters forced the Galleria to shut down early Saturday evening, while a few promoters got a little too eager and promised appearances by celebrities they were unable to deliver, such as Alicia Keys at Rich's Friday night and Young Jeezy and Nelly at the Compound at Hess Club. The local media is developing a serious crick in its neck from all the stargazing.


Your All-Star Weekend Celebrity Guestbook

As for the many, many other rappers who are in town this weekend, the were decidedly less likely to reach for their Twitter fingers last night as they were Friday, but Rocks Off thought we'd see this thing through and collect a few of the better All-Star tweets.

Diddy ASWSun 1.jpg

Rozay ASW Sun 1.jpg

Luda ASWSun 1.jpg

Willie D ASWSun 2.jpg
Seen someone around town? Hit us up in the comments.

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