Your Guide to the Bajillion New Guided By Voices Releases

From The Bears for Lunch:

"King Arthur the Red"
On this track GBV just gets down with the rocking, with absolutely no bullshit. It has the attitude and vibe of a Dinosaur Jr. song mixed with the urgency of Sonic Youth.

"The Military School Dance Dismissal"
This one has a difficult rhythmic pattern, carried wholly by a twisty piano melody and lo-fi vocals. To me, it sounds like a lost David Bowie demo from the Hunky Dory period, complete with demo-quality recording.

"She Lives In an Airport"
At the beginning, this track might not seem like much, but the hooks and the guitar riffs become more insistent as it goes on, demanding that the listener give it its due.

From Down By the Racetrack:

Guided By Voices Down Racetrack.jpg
"Standing in a Puddle of Flesh"
Many of GBV's weirder songs are very indebted to the experimental blues of Captain Beefheart and "Stading In a Puddle of Flesh" is no exception with Bob Pollard's janky rhythm and half-spoken, drunken lyrical ramble.

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