One Day in the Life of Morrissey

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Moz Quarry.jpg
It seems Morrissey supports the 2nd Amendment, as it relates to guns used by 1920s gangsters.
What do you suppose Morrissey does in his free time? Now is an especially good time to wonder, because Moz's scheduled show in Beaumont this Saturday, already postponed once, has now been postponed indefinitely on doctor's orders, until it gets rescheduled again. (In case you hadn't already heard.)

But if you're anything like me, and who isn't, you spend a great deal of time contemplating this question and draw most of your conclusions from the video for his song "Suedehead." You know, the one where he's stalking James Dean as much as one feasibly can in the English countryside and riding a tractor in the dead of winter with an expression of utter misery on his face.

But luckily, we don't have to wonder much. Morrissey, as seen in the video, is utterly obsessed with taking pictures, primarily of himself. And with a little filling in of the blanks, we can all see what Morrissey does every day just from looking at the sequence of his album covers and singles. Thus, Rocks Off presents A Day in the Life of Morrissey, assembled entirely from photos taken from his vast musical oeuvre.

Morrissey 1.jpg
"In the Future When All's Well"
Morrissey is reminded of his own mortality and the futility of existence by this rather disappointing ice cream.

Morrissey 2.jpg
"You Have Killed Me"
Morrissey just might die with a smile on his face...if this train ever runs on time.

Morrissey 3.jpg
"Something Is Squeezing My Skull"
Morrissey tries to pick up this statue, but it's just not happening today. He will return and try again tomorrow.

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What a handsome man! Oh, god! But that ice cream seems so tasteless! 

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