Top 10 Goth(ish) Songs By Non-Goth Artists

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I am an egalitarian goth myself. I like to include all manners of acts under the banner as long as I feel their music in some way is in lockstep with gothic themes. That why I'll happily declare Johnny Cash goth, and Stevie Nicks as well.

But some acts came from way out of left field with a fine spooky hit, and today we celebrate them for sticking a toe in musical river Styx.

10. Oasis, "Live Forever"
If you took the weird, trying-to-sound-Lennon twang out of the vocals then Oasis would more or less have a perfectly good Love and Rockets tune in the form of "Live Forever." It's kind of hard to believe a vampire film has never used this as a credit song.

9. Tanya Tucker, "The Thunder Rolls"
Though Garth Brooks wrote it made it famous, and his version is awesome, Tanya Tucker recorded it first though her verson was never released. That "Thunder," though, has the infamous third verse full of marital vengeance and murder. Whatever her version lacks in Brooks' production values, it gains in an empty, aching sincerity.

8. Japandroids, "Lucifer's Symphony"
Despite Japandroids' Canadian origins, which will generally cost your character three goth points from the outset, Japandroids have laid down this one freaking killer track full of Skinny Puppy evil. It's got buckets of blood and murder and endless malicious glee, which makes it tops in my book.



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