Saturday Night: Zomboy at Stereo Live

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As the tracks bled into one another, the crowd stayed moving, including some poor attempts at crowdsurfing. It's weird because it's not that you can't dance to dubstep, it's just that most people haven't figured out how to keep up with the energy of the music. Or maybe the combination of bass and lights was just making it hard for them to think.

It's not always the easiest music to digest but, like I said, I didn't see anyone complaining.

Personal Bias: I like dubstep more in theory than in practice. Chaos is good, but I usually fill my wobble bass, growl, and noise needs with complextro.

The Crowd: Oblivious to the lower temperatures outside the venue. Oh to be young and impervious to cold again.

Overhead In the Crowd: "I like the music, I like the beat. I can two-step to this shit," said the world's nicest security guard, minutes before he threw someone out of the club for public urination. We also agreed that earplugs are awesome.

Random Notebook Dump: Sometimes I feel the real musical winners of the night are not the DJs onstage but the artists they're spinning. In this case Krewella is doing it right, because both Carnage and Zomboy dropped "Alive" into their sets and the crowd ate it up both times.

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Stereo Live

6400 Richmond, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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btw, that "krewella" song was a remix done by pegboard nerds. give them some damn credit too lol

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