Why the Beatles Never Go Out of Style

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Imagine one of those tween magazine quizzes, one that is supposed to show what your favorite music says about you by asking you cute questions about your musical taste. Except in return, this one would provide you with some stone-cold harrowing insight into your soul as to specifically why you may prefer The Beatles A Hard Day's Night over Yellow Submarine.

While I cannot provide you that kind of insight, it is a fact that The Beatles evolved between each of their albums in a fashion that resulted in their branching out enough to reach a wide array of tastes and personalities, arguably more than any other pop group in history. This is what enabled them to capture the world's imagination, and probably why you're even reading this.

Today the Beatles are still one of the most revered bands of all time. Truth be told, I used to question this. Growing up, I wasn't exposed to much of them beyond the occasional "Hey Jude" coming on Sunny 99.1 after something like The Eagles' "Hotel California." Those two songs didn't differ much to me. I thought they were both boring and overplayed. Blasphemy ensued, etc.

Fast-forward to a few years later. I hit that breaking point, say, resembling that moment in the movie Almost Famous when 15-year-old William Miller played that record that changed his life. Though this time there wasn't just one particular song that I can say changed my life, but those teenage years were enough to awaken my blossoming interest in music and its surrounding culture.

A film still from Almost Famous showing young William Miller's life being changed.
During that time, I evidently rediscovered the Beatles. The music I heard this time, though, wasn't reminiscent of being stuck at the dentist's office waiting to get my roof expander poked at. Instead it was rather exciting, like I had discovered another artist, a new Beatles.

So it took a different persona of the group, in a sense, to grab my interest. I then dove into more of their music, which has led me to truly believe that the band's distinct versatility, alongside their musicianship, are the reasons why their popularity has stood the test of time.

For example, there is the Beatles of the late '60s until their breakup, the Beatles who are solidified as classic-rock staples with the albums Abbey Road and Let It Be. This music is most easy to digest even without taking their widespread admiration into consideration. For those happiest sticking with the classics, this is their Beatles.

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The 60's American band the Beau Brummels possibly paid the highest compliment when asked about their name.  "It gets us next to The Beatles on the store rack."

One of my faves: "You Can't Do That"

Katie Heim
Katie Heim

Tomorrow Never Knows. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.

Dan Jones
Dan Jones

"martha my dear" from the white album

Allison Satterwhite
Allison Satterwhite

I always equate that question to a parent being asked who their favorite child is. It's too hard! How about three cheers for Revolver the BEST Beatles album.


When people say they don't like the Beatles, I take that to mean they don't like pop music.

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