Veteran Rap Group 4th and Inchez Is Not Concerned with Your Free Will

"Murder, murder. Kill, kill. We be takin' yo' lunchbox, motherfuck you and your free will."

-- 4th and Inchez

The video that follows includes all sorts of things. I feel in confident that describing a majority of them to you will not, in any way at all, lessen your desire to click through and watch it. Matter of fact, I suspect that the more it's described to you, the more you'll WANT to watch it.

The video, the video that follows, it's an end-of-the-year blast from three-man Houston group 4th and Inchez built around "Murda Murda," a surprisingly enjoyable aggro-rap song that's most effective when its production swells up fully.

The video, it includes but is not limited to: insane asylums; insane people; welding; Halloween masks; rickety, bloody medical tools; explosions; vests; goatees; animal bones; trees; spooky background folks; chains; hallways and more. Go.

See, toldja. Have a good weekend. Thank you for your continued support.

Follow 4th and Inchez on Twitter at @4thAndInchez.

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