Your 2013 Music Festival Outlook (Texas Edition)

Photo by Erik Hess
SXSW (March 12-17, Austin)
SXSW's interactive side -- the tech-laden part, with comedy and film attached -- is slowly beginning to overtake SXSW's musical side ever so surely in terms of spectacle and big names. Tech companies and Web sites with deep pockets are known to book giant acts before the first Japanese punk band even hits town for the four-day music binge.

A few dozen acts have already been announced on the music end, and Dave Grohl is set to be the keynote speaker on March 14 at the Austin Convention Center. Grohl's supergroup attached to his Sound City flick could make an appearance, too.

Houston International Festival (April 19-21, 27-28)
Pollstar has already leaked a few names for the '13 edition of iFest, including Leftover Salmon, The Wailers, and a few others. There is always a fun wild card in the bunch, like George Clinton, so stay tuned.

Something Wicked (Fall, TBA)
Megapromoter Disco Donnie and Houston's own Nightculture brought a little Electric Daisy Carnival-style magic to Sam Houston Race Park for this Southeast Texas EDM fest. No word yet on a 2013 edition, but it's still early.

Fun Fun Fun Fest (November 8-10, Auditorium Shores, Austin)
The eighth edition of FFFF will no doubt feature a few action-packed reunion sets and one-offs, as the fest organizers are virtual magicians when it comes to getting beloved acts back together. Refused, Run-DMC, and the Descendents are just a few landmark groups that FFFF has brough to Austin. Personally, I hope that Queens of the Stone Age make this one; they will be releasing a new album this year after all.

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Not really "strange and uncharted," it's the Coachella blueprint.


Or when they find out all the magical week-long residencies are in Marfa.

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